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Tess Bryan May 1, 2024
"We were headed on a cross country road trip when our landing gear started leaking- then dumping ATF each time we pulled the landing gear up. We were only staying one night, and somehow Miles found time to help us in a pinch. The fix ultimately required a complete new hose, which he replaced. We had an incredibly difficult and dirty job- and regardless of the inclement weather and 4 hour emergency fix, Miles made it happen. Our 3 week family road trip can now go on as planned, thanks to Miles and his help. I am so grateful for his help and expertise! Thank you, Miles!"
Jennifer Olson January 13, 2024
"I called in a panic about a furnace problem. Since he is outside my area he gave me some great advice. So helpful and freindly"
Doug Harper September 18, 2023
"Absolutely outstanding! Called from Wall,SD he had me pull up to his house in Rapid City and he had our issue fixed in 45 minutes or less. Had the parts on hand. Very knowledgeable and priced reasonably! Definitely a must use"
Cody Nordine August 11, 2023
"Miles was booked up for the day but he took the time to ask me what the issue was and offered several suggestions and troubleshooting tips.__Very polite and helpful. Would recommend Miles if you need repairs on your RV or camper!"
Corey Johnson April 17, 2023
"My new motorhome died in the middle of the road and I had it towed to a local shop for repair. It was well below freezing and the shop couldn't get to my rig for a week or better. I called Miles Mobile and they came out within a couple hours, with winterizing solution, and winterized my coach for me. They also helped me unload everything in the fridge that could freeze and break, or go bad and took my trash too. The price was extremely reasonable, I actually tipped him for such great service. "
Stephanie Hansen February 2, 2023
"Miles is fast and efficient. Super friendly and worked with me on a budget. Will definitely be using him again. "