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Jeremia Goedeke July 27, 2018
"Miles was able to get us back on the road. Our slide was frozen and burned up, he can and removed the motors and secured the slide for us to be on our way. Only took about a half and hour."
Matt Bedtelyon July 21, 2018
"July 2018 - while staying in Spearfish, SD we had a failure of our automatic transfer switch in our Motorhome. It was extremely hot and we lost all power. I google searched for a mobile RV repair service in Rapid City, SD (it was the closest big city to us). Just so happened when I called Miles he was already in the RV park servicing another coach. Our lucky day! Miles showed up minutes later diagnosed the trouble, rewired our power to bypass the failed part. Being a Saturday night, we can only say that Miles saved the day. On Monday he returned and installed the new part. I highly recommend Miles and his services! If you need mobile RV repair near Rapid City, SD, make him your first call! Thank you Miles!"
Ramona Stipes July 19, 2018
"Service is awesome, was in @ bind with converter, not working stopped by early in am, to charge batteries, for stuff to charge/work, then came back after another customer, to diagnose and repair problem! Very busy, but came to the rescue, very well equipped working van! THX Miles!!!!"
Cindy Gulisano May 28, 2018
"He went the extra mile! When the supplier gave him the wrong part, he got the right part, came back at 9:30 at night (40 miles one way) to our campground and fixed our problem! Totally fair and reasonably priced!"
Jora De Jong February 6, 2018
"Miles doesnt stop before its fixed!_And what is the best; he answers the phone and messages. Communication rules!_Thanks Miles for fixing and beiing funny at the same time."
Mary Maniaci October 18, 2017
"Miles did a GREAT job of repairing our RV._We were having an electrical issue, Miles came out, diagnosed our problem, and the next afternoon we were all fixed up and ready to go. Miles even worked with our insurance._Never hesitate to give Miles a call"