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Jerry Garlow August 3, 2020
"Repaired a cable slide that had 1 cable broken and another cable Jammed in between rollers. The bonus was Adjusting the Severely out of time large slide with in 15 minutes . The tech has a lot of tool and I was able to help and learn Acura slide repair."
Tad Wychopen July 15, 2020
"Was a true help for us when one of our RV's needed to be checked out."
Steve Short January 28, 2020
"Miles came to my house and looked at my RV refrigerator he got it running but there were bigger problems the coolant all leaked out he helped me find a replacement refrigerator thanks Miles"
Leisa Reese October 24, 2019
"Great Guy!"
Randy Pearson July 15, 2019
"OMG this guy is great outstanding job thank you thank you."
I Reckon (JT) April 17, 2019
"My wife and I live full time in our new RV. We had a problem with a propane smell coming from our hot water heater. We called Miles and he came right out._I found Miles to be very professions and a nice guy. I would recommend him in a heart beat! Guys like him are getting harder and harder to find.__JT"