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Donn Weber May 31, 2022
"Miles came to our rescue! Apologies for the late review. ON Memorial Day, when most places were closed, Miles assessed the repairs we needed. Then the next morning, he acquired the parts and completed the repairs. What could be worse than getting out of your vehicle and seeing that one of your travel trailers wheels is GONE! Not a flat tire... not just a missing tire... the entire WHEEL, RIM AND BRAKE DRUM were all GONE! But Miles fixed us up and got us back on the road. Our vacation was saved and he didn't gouge us on the price. It was very reasonable. I whole heartedly reccomend Miles Mobile RV. With much thanks and sincerity,"
J.O. May 31, 2022
"Awesome service! Came out as soon as he could and replaced my furnace flawlessly. Great customer service and great results. My top option for RV repairs. Thanks Miles!!"
Jane May 31, 2022
"We’ve had an ongoing AC issue for a couple years. The RV dealer evaluated it and told us, “It worked fine.” UGH! While at Elkhorn Ridge, we spoke with Miles. He immediately assessed, replaced parts and dealt with our warranty service provider. Miles also installed a second AC unit in the bedroom. Even though the manufacturer boasted that the RV is "prepped and ready" for a 2nd AC installation, Miles had to construct a box frame to support the AC because there was no frame to secure the AC to. Miles stayed, or returned, to ensure the job was finished correctly. Miles was also very helpful and resourceful about many other RV topics that were not related to the service call. We felt he went above and beyond, enjoyed his sense of humor and his 3 watch dogs!"
Ariel Segal May 28, 2022
"We were having some electrical issues and with a quick phone call he was able to help us remedy the situation. Extremely great full for his time and kindness. I have a feeling we will be using him in the near future!"
Katherine Daven May 27, 2022
"Quick and helpful"
Patti Matthews January 28, 2022
"Great customer service! Told us exactly what to do to fix our water heater on our Rv!"